Embeetle is an entirely new C/C++ IDE focused on microcontroller coding only. It’s not yet another plugin for Eclipse, Atom, Visual Studio or any other existing IDE. We’ve started from scratch, and developed only what the embedded coder needs. Clean and simple. Refreshing.

Embeetle is brought to you by the Embedoffice team.



• Free, also for commercial use.
• Makes use of open-source tools.
• Paid support and customization available.
• Want to add a specific μC/board/probe to the IDE? Ask us.



• Developed from scratch, with the embedded engineer in mind.
• Say goodbye to a plethora of irrelevant buttons and menus.
• Be more productive.



• Underlying hardware drivers, RTOS source code and config files (makefile, linkerscript, …) are all exposed with clear comments.
• Feel free to edit config files. Nothing gets overwritten.
• No hidden magic. All commands (to compile and flash) are visible and editable.



• Starting from main.c, Embeetle recursively detects the files to include in the build*.
• Observe the in- and excluded files in the project explorer.
• Overrule if necessary.
*Note: after detection, Embeetle lists these files in a dedicated file, named “projFiles.mk”. At compile-time, the makefile includes this to know what files need to get compiled.



• Everything you need, right at your fingertips.
• Automatically synchronizes with all config files (makefile, linkerscript, …).



• Open-source tools used to compile and flash.
• Industry-standard config files (makefile, …).
• Easy to work on a project without Embeetle.


Release date

We are three freelance engineers, and need to work on other projects to earn income. As Embedoffice doesn’t generate income (for now), the time we can spend it is limited.
Every donation helps us to set aside more time!


Visit us at Embedded World 2019!

We rent a booth at the Embedded World 2019 conference in Nuremberg. You can find us at booth 3-666 in Hall 3, next to the electronic displays Area and close to cafetaria 3-761:


Note for investors

Please contact us.