We believe general purpose IDE’s (Eclipse, Visual Studio, Atom, …) – even when adapted through plugins – will never fit your needs as an embedded C/C++ programmer:

  1. They contain many functionalities and buttons you don’t need.
  2. The functionalities you do need are often hidden or simply not there.
  3. They are designed with a different goal: abstract away the hardware (and low-level software). This is okay for computer software, but not for microcontrollers!

That’s why you need a new IDE: one designed from scratch for the embedded programmer. Welcome to Embeetle IDE.


1. Only the buttons you need

Did you know that everything on your display – buttons, menus, … – competes for your attention? Even if you’re not focusing on them deliberately, subconsciously they consume brain power.


Embeetle lives by the principle: only the buttons you need!


2. All the buttons you need

Too many buttons is one thing, but missing the crucial ones neither makes sense. The beetle knows that, and he works hard to provide you with the functionalities you’ve been waiting for. Take a look at the dashboard for example:


3. Not too much abstraction

Unlike general purpose IDE’s, we don’t want to abstract away all hardware and low-level software aspects. All industry-standard configuration files – like the makefile, linkerscript, … – are openly visible to you. Even better, you can edit them without fear they would get overwritten automatically. The beetle respects your work.


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