Embeetle in a nutshell


  Free for users

• Free, also for commercial use.
• Makes use of open-source tools.
• Paid support and customization available.
• Want to add a specific μC/board/probe to the IDE? Ask us.


  Only the buttons you need

• Developed from scratch, with the embedded engineer in mind.
• Say goodbye to a plethora of irrelevant buttons and menus.
• Be more productive.



• Underlying hardware drivers, RTOS source code and config files (makefile, linkerscript, …) are all exposed with clear comments.
• Feel free to edit config files. Nothing gets overwritten.
• No hidden magic. All commands (to compile and flash) are visible and editable.


  Only the files you need

• Starting from main.c, Embeetle recursively detects the files to include in the build*.
• Observe the in- and excluded files in the project explorer.
• Overrule if necessary.
*Note: after detection, Embeetle lists these files in a dedicated file, named “projFiles.mk”. At compile-time, the makefile includes this to know what files need to get compiled.


  A clear dashboard

• Everything you need, right at your fingertips.
• Automatically synchronizes with all config files (makefile, linkerscript, …).


  No lock-in

• Open-source tools used to compile and flash.
• Industry-standard config files (makefile, …).
• Easy to work on a project without Embeetle.